VLE Eshram payment recovery Portal

CSC SPV has launched a new website! CSC VLE EShram Payment Recovery will be recovered on this website. Congratulations if you are a CSC VLE and have created an eshram Card. You are all aware that CSC previously took money from the CSC Wallets of all those VLEs. As a result, the money will be taken from your wallet once more. On the new website, you can now check the amount of your outstanding e-Shram Payment as well as the number of cards you have made to date.

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CSC VLE e-Shram Payment Recovery

If you are a CSC VLE and have completed the Ashram Card work! So there is an important update for all of you! As you are all aware, Eshram Card Registration via CSC was completed on a large scale! In order to send the payment to the VLEs as soon as possible, the E-shram payment was sent in several lots of 15-15 days for each month’s payment!

VLE Eshram payment recovery
VLE Eshram payment recovery
VLE Eshram Ledgerhttp://ledger.csc-services.in/
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