PayNearby Retailer and Distributor ID Apply

PayNearby Retailer and Distributor ID: ”PayNearby is a Private Limited Company” Which offers Aadhaar ATM, SMS Payment, Khata Service, Utility Payment, Prepaid Cards, Mutual Funds & Insurance, Money Transfer, and Hyperlocal Services. Also payment services such as Bharat QR and UPI to retailers and distributors in rural and urban areas. does! The main part of their business is Pay nearby Aadhaar ATM, Pay Nearby Payment Bank, and so on.

PayNearby Retailer and Distributor

PayNearby Retailer

The term PayNearby Retailer refers to Shopkeepers / Centers / Retail Outlets who act as agents for PayNearby Company. Provides banking services such as Aadhaar-based ATMs, Aadhaar Pay, and so on. And earn commission on transactions completed by you.

Pay Nearby Retail ID Fee/ Charge

PayNearby is a private company whose goal is to make money through business. As a result, the company charges approximately Rs.999/- to set up a PayNearby store. Takes a Registration Fee!

PayNearby Distributer

Pay Nearby Distributors are the franchises’ pay nearby agencies that register Pay Nearby Retailers in their area. Create New Retailers, and provide them with the necessary training and support, in exchange for 0.50 for every transaction done by their retailer. Payment in Paise per transaction.

PayNearby Retailer Service List

  • PayNearby Cash Withdrawal From any Bank A/C
  • Cash Deposit Service Pay Nearby
  • PayNearby Balance Enquiry Bank A/c
  • Pay Nearby Money Transfer Services
  • Mobile DTH Recharge
  • Electricity and Bijali Bill Payment

PayNearby Commission

Whatever work you do with PayNearby. Your commission is automatically transferred to your bank account on the same day. But if any transaction fails or becomes stuck! So it will be resolved within 24 hours. Which is very good in terms of Product Wise Pay Nearby Commission.

NSDL KYC- NsdlKyc ID Login & Registration
CSC IRCTC Agent Registration Online – Common Services Center

PayNearby Product Wise Commission

  • Balance Inquiry – 0 Rs/ Per transaction
  • Withdrawal 500-999 – 1 Rs / Per Transaction
  • 999 to 1499 – 2 Rs / Per Transaction
  • 1499 to 1999- 3 Rs / Per Transaction
  • 2000 to 2999 – 5 rs / Per Transaction
  • 3000 And Above – 6 Rs

PayNearby V/s RBL and Other

  • Balance Inquiry from any Bank Account
  • Deposit in any Bank Account (Deposit)
  • Balance Withdrawal From Any Bank Account (Withdrawal)
  • Money Transfer in Bank Accounts
  • Credit Card Services and Withdrawal
  • mobile recharge
  • DTH Recharge
  • Bus and Train Tickets
  • Instant Commission Transfer