CSC Top 6 Important Certificates

CSC VLE Should Have These Top 6 Most Important Certificates

This post is very important for all of your new CSC VLE’s, I am going to talk about 6 important certificates of CSC. It is very important to have these 6 certificates with all CSC VLE’s, we will talk about these five certificates together, what are their benefits? Also, I am Going To talk You How Can you get these 6 certificates in very simple steps. So, Let’s get started.

CSC VLE Certificate | Top 6 Certificate List  2021

1. TEC Certificate.
2. CSC Certificate.
3.  BCC Certificate.
4. RAP Our INS Certificate.
5. IIBF Certificate.
6. Aadhar Supervisor Certificate.
This certificate will be needed only if you want to take the work of the Aadhaar card.I am going to Talk to You about These 6 top CSC Certificates.

1. TEC Certificate

To get a CSC VLE id, you must have TEC Certificate, only then you can take id password of a CSC. Do you want To Know more information about TEC Certificate then Click here?

2. CSC VLE Certificate

When you get the ID and password of CSC, after that CSC you get a CSC VLE Certificate from a CSC. Do you want To Know more information about CSC VLE Certificate then Click here
CSC Certificate

3. BCC Certificate

A CSC VLE must have a Basic Computer Course (BCC) certificate. This certificate shows that you know something about computers. More information for BCC Certificate will be found here Click Here

4. RAP Our INS Certificate

RAP Our INS is Very important for CSC VLE RAP or INS until you pass. Does not allow you to work in insurance service RAP or INS as soon as you pass you can work in all insurance services. Get all the information about RAP Our INS Certificate Click Here

5. IIBF Certificate

IIBF Certificate is also important If you ask CSC to open any bank’s CSP means Customer Service Center then you will need complete information about IIBF Certificate Click Here

6. Aadhar Supervisor Certificate

Aadhar Supervisor Certificate Especially if you want to start the work of Aadhar card from CSC then only this Aadhar Supervisor Certificate will be required otherwise it will not be needed. To know more about Aadhar Supervisor Certificate Click Here
Remember, all CSC VLEs should have all these CSC VLE certificates, the more advantage is that as soon as some new work will come in your area. First of all, the same CSC VLE has the highest expectation of getting that Work
Note: – Different links have been given about all certificates, click on the same link for whichever certificate you want to get more information about. Thank you
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