Best Laptop for CSC Aadhaar UCL Work

Best Laptop for CSC Aadhaar UCL : Best Devices for CSC Aadhaar UCL Uidai certified GPS Device, USB Hub, Fingerprint , Iris , laptop, Printer
Dear Visitors, if you are a CSC VLE! And want to open CSC Aadhaar UCL Center! So in today’s post we are going to tell you! Which device do you have to buy to run your Aadhaar UCL Center? And what device to work with! We are going to give you all this information in this post!

Best Laptop for CSC Aadhaar UCL Work

Best Laptop for CSC Aadhaar UCL

To Operate CSC Aadhaar UCL Center, first of all you must have a laptop with I5 processor! You will get this laptop between 57-58 thousand! Whatever configuration you need inside this laptop! You get all that configuration!

GPS Device For UCL Aadhaar Center Work

To start the Aadhaar UCL Center work, You need a GPS Device! You can also buy it from Amazon! You can buy any GPS device!

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As you all know! That the laptops that are coming in the market now! There are only 2-3 USB ports in them! And to make Aadhaar UCL Center work, you need many USB ports! That’s why you should have a USB Hub too! You will get it around Rs.300 only!

Mantra MIS100V2 Single IRIS Device

Best Iris Device is needed to operate Aadhaar UCL work smoothly! You can buy it from CSC Bazaar Portal! You can get it for around Rs. 3600 only!

Fingerprint Device For Aadhaar UCL Center

Also, You need a Fingerprint Device to do Aadhaar UCL Center! You can get this Mantra MFS100 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner or any of Startek! You can buy it from Amazon!

Best Printer for CSC Aadhaar UCL

You have to get such a printer to make CSC base UCL work! Facility with both scanner and printing! Because a receipt will be received when you make Aadhaar correction! You must have a printer to print it! And to scan the document!

Best Laptop for CSC Aadhaar UCL

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